Why should I learn English?

No matter where in the world you find yourself these days, English is considered the language of communication. It is still the most commonly spoken language on our planet. Being able to speak English enables you to access more information. Many internet websites are written in English.

While travelling, you are more likely to be successful in communicating with the locals if you speak English.

Learning a second language is good for your brain. People who are bilingual have been shown to have an easier time retaining new information and learning a new language.

Learning a new language is good for the soul. It expresses a willingness to break down communication barriers and forge new relationships.

What services do you offer?

The services I offer are: English language coaching, private lessons, tutoring, conversation, editing and proofreading.
Private lessons are normally 1 hour long. They are specifically tailored for the student’s language needs and goals. The material used is compiled by me from TEFL approved and recommended text books and other resources. Whether you want to improve your grammar, spelling, speech or writing, I can help you with any skill.

Tutoring is normally used as an add-on to an existing English course. The material is already given to you and I can help you with the course homework or projects while strengthening your skills. Get ahead of your class in no time!

Both lessons and tutoring are given at my residence unless otherwise decided upon. I am also available on Skype.

If you are looking to improve your speaking skills, conversation is the best way. We can discuss topics of your interest like current events, sports, entertainment, and so on. I can also help with mock interviews for jobs, immigration etc

What are your prices?

Contact me for a quote.