Time flies when you’re having fun

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It seems our experience of the speed of time is directly proportional to the degree of happiness we are experiencing in the moment. There is a special student who makes time fly. Our conversations span topics like Czech Cubism, World War II, Romanian cooking and Japanese ritual bathing. She is Japanese and she likes Romanian food. She is a business owner and blogger.

One day, she brought me a Japanese snack, home-made by her. She included a note:

Ume boshi

Ume – Japanese apricot
Boshi – from the verb hosu, which means dry

“Umeboshi” is very, very traditional Japanese food. Almost all Japanese families keep some Umeboshi in their kitchen.

Before, all Japanese women used to make their own Umeboshi following their own recipes. But nowadays, more than half of them buy it or get it from their relatives.

To make Umeboshi, they preserve Japanese apricots in salt, and after that they dry the apricots for three days. Some people use some red shiso, which is a very popular Japanese herb, just before drying the Umeboshi, to add a red color and pleasant aroma.

They say Umeboshi is effective against all kinds of illnesses. It has an anti-bacterial action, so Japanese often put a small quantity of Umeboshi on the rice in their packed lunches, to prevent it from rotting.

Just after the war, Japanese people were so poor that the only food they had was the Umeboshi and rice.  The meal was called Hinomaru (Japanese flag) bento (home packed meal) because it looks just like it!


Time does indeed fly during these conversations.

Thank you, Kyoko! Delicious.

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