Why Improve Your English?

It is very possible that learning English is the best thing you can do for your life right now! Wouldn’t it be fun to have access to information? To meet new and interesting people? To impress your family and friends in conversations?

globe 1. English is the most commonly used language on our planet. It is called ‘the language of communication’. Whether you find yourself in the United States, South America, Europe or Asia, people everywhere use English to communicate. Being able to successfully communicate in English, you can easily make friends or business contacts all over the world.

HarryPotter 2. When you understand a foreign language you gain access to an entire culture. In the case of the English language you gain access to multiple cultures around the world. You can start culture in your own home by reading books, watching films and listening to songs in the original language. Most of the information found online is in English. Whatever your interests are: science, sports, literature, music or health this information is mostly in English. Most web pages are in English…that’s over 1,000,000,000! You can get a well rounded view of current events, local and international, by reading the English press. And music…music is so much better when you can understand the words!

3. You work in cosmopolitan Montreal and you are required to contact international clients or teammates. Some of them may speak only English. And in general, the more languages you speak, the better paid you are. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put “excellent English skills” on your CV?

4. Going on vacation is a great reason to brush up on your English speaking skills. English is spoken in over 100 countries. While in a foreign country, the difference between speaking English and not speaking it could change your point of view about seeing new places, making new relationships and generally being able to communicate with most people around you. It may even save your life! Practice before you leave.

5. You are an exchange student in Montreal. Why not take advantage of being in North America to perfect your English? While you are here you have access to English culture first hand.

6. English is easy to learn! The alphabet is easy, the words are short, the grammar is simple, and the plurals are easy! Benefits:

    • private one-on-one sessions
    • small intimate groups of like-minded learners
    • practice with a native speaker
    • personalized schedule
    • total control of your own learning
    • targeted learning
    • safe environment
    • fun learning at your own pace
    • all levels

learn english montreal language services  learn english montreal language services